Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Prime of Brian Mulroney

Who'd have ever thunk it? Sworn enemies Sheila Copps and Stephen Harper applauding Brian Mulroney -- all in the same room!

So Mulroney is our Greenest Prime Minister. I guess they had to find something nice to say about him. Maybe they were just referring to his Irish half?

Mulroney couldn't resist boring everyone with old Regan Stories and memories of "Irish Eyes are Smiling" humming in our ears. But beneath all the niceitudes it was more like one last kick at the can to rewrite history for Canada's most despised Prime Minister .

A decade or so ago Muldoney considered Harpoon a turncoat fanatic as he led Reform's coo that split the conservative vote and burned Brian in effigy. But today we find a resurrected Harper hailed as the saviour of conservatism and handing him an award, whilst Bri' spoke warm and fuzzy words of affection into the ear of his good old buddy Steve.

My how the times are-a-changing. Is it any wonder why I love (gag) politicians. It's a very good thing for them that Canadian voters have such short memories.

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